Premier Growth specializes in bridging the gap between business and family with the goal of family unity for future generations.  Through consulting, coaching, educational services and family meeting facilitation Premier Growth strives to inspire and empower individuals and families on their path to lasting legacy.

ConsultingEmpowering families

  • Provide guidance to individuals and families on how to set up effective governance structures for family and business
  • Work with individuals and families as a whole while forming effective meetings, family councils and retreats
  • Provide specific tools, resources and expertise to help families navigate change

CoachingStart where you are and grow as you go

  • Specializing in individual and group coaching for family members experiencing conflict, change and transformation
  • Addressing specific needs of women and next gen family members seeking guidance on their path as they grow and navigate changes in their lives
  • Personal and professional leadership coaching
  • Coaching services are conducted in person, by phone or Skype

Educational ServicesEnriching self, family and world

  • Provide educational services consistent with the needs of multiple generations
  • Customized programs offered for individuals and families in the following areas:
    • Personal and professional growth
    • Raising responsible owners
    • Effective communication
    • Conflict resolution
    • Reality-based leadership
    • Opportunities in social entrepreneurship
    • Global citizenship and diverse cultures

Family Meetings & RetreatsPromote family unity through fun and creative play

  • Organize and facilitate family council meetings and retreats while making them fun and engaging
  • Provide guidance and support to individuals and families before, during and after meetings and retreats

Speaking EngagementsLead by example

  • Available to speak on a variety of topics that pertain to the overall health and organization of business and family.  Caroline specializes in bridging gaps within families, while being an inspiration for women and younger generations.