FEAT—Family Enterprise Assessment Tool is an online assessment that enables multi-generational families, who are in business together, understand the current status of their family dynamics and enterprise. FEAT enables families to anonymously gather each family member’s perceptions with measurable results. After filling out the assessment, made up of fifty statements pertaining to family climate and enterprise climate, a report is generated that can be effectively used to facilitate productive conversations.


FEAT is designed for multi-generational families who own and influence a family business or share assets such as real estate, investments, a foundation, or a portfolio of businesses.


  • Online assessment of 25 statements on family dynamics and 25 statements on family enterprise in 10 key competency areas ranging from communication and preparing the next generation, to wealth and ownership.
  • Can be taken as frequently as needed to benchmark progress.
  • Once everyone has responded to the assessment statements, a custom report is generated, providing a snapshot of the family’s top 10 areas of strength, opportunities, and differences.
  • User friendly 24/7 online access for use on desktop or mobile devices
  • Compares across family demographics such as gender, blood versus marriage, generation, ownership and family branch.
  • Available for purchase by an independent family or a trusted family advisor.
  • All responses are completely anonymous. Individual privacy is strictly valued.


Order your FEAT by using the PayPal dropdown below. Within 48 hours, you will receive a registration form to fill out with email addresses of participating family members.  An email will then be sent to each participant with a link to FEAT that can be filled out via computer, mobile device or tablet based on their preference.

All answers are confidential so the family can capture open and honest feedback. Once everyone has completed the survey, a comprehensive report is generated allowing a family to review results independently or with the help of an outside advisor or facilitator.

For more information and pricing please contact info@premiergrowth.com