Caroline Bailey & Family
Founder & Chief Emotional Officer

Caroline Bailey is a third generation Gallo family member with 18 years of experience in sales, marketing, communications and public relations in her family’s business.  During that time, she lived and worked internationally and served as the lead spokesperson for her family appearing on national and international television, print and radio.

After leaving her career in the wine industry, she began to research and explore best practices of families worldwide to understand what made them successful. She applied and adapted what she learned and organized the Gallo Family Council in 2006. She has served as Chairman of the Council since its inception and has played a key role in establishing family governance as a way of bridging the generations.

Her steadfast leadership and guidance has extended beyond her family contributing to the health, strength and forward direction of the entire family network. In 2010, she founded the consulting firm Premier Growth, marking the culmination of her years of experience, both personally and professionally, bridging family and business. Her life journey has become the roots of her work within Premier Growth.

Caroline has taught university-level courses, lectured and conducted workshops for private and Fortune 500 companies. She was a founder of WOW, a social venture investing in women-owned businesses in West Africa and holds various leadership positions including Executive Advisory Board President of Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute, National Advisory Board Member and past president of Women for Wine Sense. She is a University of Southern California graduate where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Caroline is certified as an executive coach and master coach of neuro-linguistic programming.